240 or 350 as weekend racer?

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240 or 350 as weekend racer?

Příspěvekod JensenBreck » 29 zář 2017 10:11

Alright so I've just joined this forum looking for fact-based expertise and not cool dude opinions - I used to race a BMW E30, weekends only, had it set up for track but only did auto-cross. I sold it and now, years later, I'm itching to get back into it but looking at a Japanese car this time. There are 2 options I have right now (based on what's available within a few hours of me) - this will sound crazy but I want to spend as little as possible TOTAL but also do as little work as possible (find something with the work already done). I have 2 top contenders right now (excluding another BMW I've got my eye on).

Please Help !
Thanks !

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