1985 BMW 318i

model Superb - nižší střední třída
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1985 BMW 318i

Příspěvekod JensenBreck » 05 říj 2017 16:06

So just got a 2 door 1985 BMW 318i as my first car. Hoping for some help with giving it a little more kick. Am I able to put a new engine in it or is the engine bay to small? Very car illiterate. I am looking to get new wheels for my MK4 2001 VW Golf. I don't really know what offset I should be looking for. I want to keep my wheels at 17's so I am either going 7" or 8" wide. Can some one tell me what offset I should get to get a flush stance? Also if I keep my 17x7's I have now, what size spacers do I need? Pro's and con's of both are greatly appreciated. Thank you guys and gals in advance.
please help.

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