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DTC Error Code Help

Příspěvekod aaronpawlak » 10 dub 2018 08:14


So I had an issue yesterday where I plugged into a public Volta charger and the charger wasn't working, ok I reported it and after work moved on. The problem I had was my car still wouldn't charger at a different charger.So, I opened up Leaf Spy and sure enough there was a DTC on the charger, I don't have it in front of me, but I have had that error once before and it was caused by a faulty EVSE, so I cleared the error and the car then would charge without issue.Well, I checked in the Leaf Spy app this morning and I have an error U1000 0008 BCM CAN Comm Circuit, this error also existed last night, but I figured it was simply related and cleared it as well. The car appears to be running without any issues, but I can't seem to find out what this error means. Doing a search on google and even just on here returns a whole lot of nothing specific.Is this simply one of those ignorable errors? I mean everything seems to run fine, doesn't seem to affect range, no extra lights are being lit up on the dashboard, so I have no clue.

Please help

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