fuel injectors? timing belt? HELP!

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fuel injectors? timing belt? HELP!

Příspěvekod JensenBreck » 18 zář 2017 11:07

Hi everyone,

i have a 2000 millenia 2.5l and ive been having some issues with a rough idle. I took it to get the engine light checked and it said misfire cylinder 4 so i change the spark plugs and the wires. Unfortunetly the problem continued but now the code reader is reading a misfire in cylinder 5(i checked one more time a day later and it said the misfire was in cylinder 6) and a failing EGR valve. i went back and checked everything to make sure everything was correct and everything checked out. then i did some research and read that sometimes a dirty distributor cap could cause the engine to misfire so i opened it up and everything was good so I did the unthinkable and called a mechanic to come check it out....100$ later he tells me it MIGHT be a clogged fuel injector which sounded like it could possibly be the issue ive been chasing...then im sitting in my car at a light and here this buzzing sound i havent heard before coming from the timing belt side of the engine.

can a bad timing belt tensioner and water pump be what ive been needing this whole time? what do yall think? the sound it coming from under the belt cover. its a wierd grinding buzzing sound? could this be why i am getting spontaneous misfire codes?


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