Electrical system failure: Stop!

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Electrical system failure: Stop!

Příspěvekod aaronpawlak » 10 dub 2018 08:07

Hello everyone,

A few days ago I experienced this error "Electrical system failure: Stop!". I was in Hayward on the 880 freeway in rush hour traffic, in the HOV lane going about 40 MPH, and the car just shut down and showed the error above. I had enough momentum to coast 5 feet over to the left side (center divider) I could not make it completely out of the lane. Cars were laying on their horn and speeding past me while my bumper hung out a foot into the lane. It was terrifying. I called the CHP and a officer came out to protect me and the car until a tow truck came. The car is 3 months old. It has been towed to Oakland VW and they gave me a loaner. They do not know what happened. I contacted VW Corp and let them know, I wanted to make sure they are aware of the issue and do a recall if necessary. It had a charge of 86 miles when it happened. I do not feel comfortable getting back into that car even if they can fix it, I will never put my kids in that car either. I don't know what options I have. Anyone have any ideas?

Please help

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